Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2016

My first post

Well, it is not actually my first ever post. In fact, I used to have another blog a couple of years ago but I kept posting things that did not truly represent who I am. I guess I wanted to imitate all those great fashion bloggers. At the end I made the best decision by deleting the entire blog.

Now I am starting a new blog. Why? I have no clue. That is the point of my blog. I just wanted to let my mind speak for a while and be honest all together. There might be no one in particular reading my blog let alone respond to anything I posted but I just wanted to share my thoughts, dreams, my projects and everything that surrounds my mind in general. So yes my blog doesn't have a concept. It is just a little blog made by a girl who is not confident enough to tell her mind to anybody else.

I think by now you can tell that English is not my first language. I don't know why I decided to write my blog in English but I like it so far. So I guess, I'll keep that way now.

Peace out XO

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